My life with Rubik's Cubes

My students really like math and science. I mean, they really like this stuff. Here's an essay I received from a student named Umbrella.

My life with Rubik's Cubes

I have three Rubik's Cubes, one is 2x2x2, one is 3x3x3, the other is 4x4x4.

When I first saw the Cube, I was deeply attracted by its mystery. I spent 60 yuans buying it immediately and searched for the way to solve it on the internet. It took me two months to practise to solve it. During that time, I was so excited that I use all of my spare time on it.

I really have the happiest time. I have really tasted the sweet of getting knowledge.

It's only a small thing in my life, there are many glaring stars in my sky just like the big events in the world history. I do, I feel happy!

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