I love grading exams

1 visitors Thursday, October 30
Not really.  But sometimes it can be amusing.

One of my bonus questions on my history exam is "What is Miss Hull's first name?"  One student wrote...

Miss Hull's full name is:
'What hell is that you give us such a difficult test and do not you know that we hate tests very much
- that is only less than we hate homework and Japan so do not give us tests and if you give one please make it easier
- or we will all me mad and I do not want to see that terrible thing happens and so does every one at last I want
- to say that for our future and happiness please give us a higher grade thank you very much now is the end

(A very long name, isn't it?)

And this note, from an especially arrogant student:

Personally, I don't like this class.  I'm here to practice speaking and listening skills and have an early experience of the University in the US, but not to learn just some new words that may not be used during the rest of my life and listen to some stories that aren't spoken at a normal speed.
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Fall semester so far in pictures

1 visitors Thursday, October 2

Saying goodbye to our friend, Mark Erikson. We miss him here this year! The RDFZ team is not the same!

Chinese people celebrate a traditional holiday called Mid-Autumn festival in September by giving out these mooncakes.

A student took me to the Olympic men's indoor volleyball finals where we watched the gold/silver and bronze games. It was great to see the US bring home the gold!

We had the week off for National Day, so I went to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a province of northern China, with ten other teachers to visit the grasslands and Gobi desert.

We slept in a yurt! It was cold!

Caleb and I went for a roll in the desert inside this inflated ball.

Strapped to the inside. Note the attractive sand boots.

Anna and I are glad to share an apartment again this year!

The gang - Caleb McCollim, Tim Neetz, David Skillings, Mark Caterinacci, Colleen Derry, Ann Foley, Michelle Vanden Berg, myself, Anna Hayes, Kate Talbott, Laura Robison

Sunset over the Gobi - what a great trip!
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