The highlight of my week was booking a roundtrip ticket to Ohio for just $44! I'll be back at school for a long weekend in July for ERAP training.

Flights to China were booked today! I fly to O'Hare in Chicago at 8:30am on Wednesday, August 22. From there I'll meet the rest of the team and we'll leave the US to spend the next year in China, arriving in Beijing at 3pm on August 23. That is a long day of traveling with the last flight taking 13.2 hours!
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1 visitors Sunday, June 10
Chinglish (slang) is a portmanteau of the words Chinese and English and refers to either (a) English interspersed with English language errors common to those Chinese persons who are learning English or (b) Chinese interspersed with English, such as used by westernized Chinese (e.g. American-born Chinese) who are not fluent in Chinese and codeswitch English words into speech when they can't think of the correct Chinese word.

That being said, here are some examples:

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Reality sets in

1 visitors Thursday, June 7
I was told today that our plane tickets will be booked at the end of the week. Somehow that makes China one step closer!
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