Fall semester so far in pictures

Saying goodbye to our friend, Mark Erikson. We miss him here this year! The RDFZ team is not the same!

Chinese people celebrate a traditional holiday called Mid-Autumn festival in September by giving out these mooncakes.

A student took me to the Olympic men's indoor volleyball finals where we watched the gold/silver and bronze games. It was great to see the US bring home the gold!

We had the week off for National Day, so I went to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a province of northern China, with ten other teachers to visit the grasslands and Gobi desert.

We slept in a yurt! It was cold!

Caleb and I went for a roll in the desert inside this inflated ball.

Strapped to the inside. Note the attractive sand boots.

Anna and I are glad to share an apartment again this year!

The gang - Caleb McCollim, Tim Neetz, David Skillings, Mark Caterinacci, Colleen Derry, Ann Foley, Michelle Vanden Berg, myself, Anna Hayes, Kate Talbott, Laura Robison

Sunset over the Gobi - what a great trip!

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Victoria T. said...

what's a Yurt?
That ball looks like so much fun. Now you can understand a Hamster's life! I love looking at all the pictures you post from time to time (or upload in other places).

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