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I try to stay updated on the China pulse, but that's often hard to do since my Chinese character reading skills are lacking.  So instead, I attempt to read a number of blogs to stay informed on the country I live in.  Many of them offer an outsider's view on the Middle Kingdom and some of them approach this from a business aspect.  I hope you will enjoy some of them!

In case you were wondering how I stay on top of all these sites, I use Google Reader.  This is a handy dandy tool where you can follow all the blogs you want to read in one place.  Just check this one site to read updates from your favorite blogs.


China Digital Times

All Roads Lead to China: China based news analysis, strategic insights, and advice

Anna's Blog! (my roommate)

China Rises


Black and White Cat

China Law Blog

Laowai Chinese: Tips and strategies for learning to speak Mandarin Chinese

New York Times: China

Pomfret's China

Silicon Hutong

The China Beat

Time China Blog

Wall Street Journal: China

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