Wrist repair

I didn't write about this back in March when it happened, but I was in a bicycle accident with a certain inanimate object that will not be mentioned (but it's not a car). After five months, a memorable experience to a Chinese hospital (mis-diagnosis #1: dislocated wrist), a visit to the western care hospital (mis-diagnosis #2: tendonitis, take some ibuprofen and it'll go away in three days), an MRI, an orthopedic surgeon, and a hand specialist, I have a real diagnosis! The MRI showed that I tore three ligaments in my right wrist, so I had a wrist arthroscopy done on Tuesday morning to repair some of the damage. For those who asked, here are some pictures:

The cast I got from the Chinese hospital. They wanted me to keep it on for six weeks but I took it off myself within 24 hours. Yes, that strip of gauze around my neck is what they gave me for a sling.

Taken today, two days after surgery. The splint and dressings stay on until Monday when I can swap this get-up for a removable brace.

I know some of you are still interested, so I'll give you some more details. One ligament was torn in the middle so everytime I twisted my wrist my ulna actually went through the tear, rubbing against it and causing a good amount of pain. Pretty, right? I have pictures from the surgeon of the ligament before and after the surgery but I won't put you through that on here. :)

I leave to go back to Beijing on August 20. I'm glad I have such a wonderful roommate and great team to help me with the things I won't be able to do while I'm healing up!

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