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I've loved watching the Olympics since it's in the city I call home for now. However, one thing that drives me nuts is that all the news commentators pronounce "Beijing" incorrectly! I understand when they mispronounce athletes' names, but is it unreasonable to get "Beijing" right? I heard one guy get it right and not say "Bei-zhing." Here's some help so you can get it right, too.

How to pronounce Beijing? NBC seems unsure

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Victoria T. said...

haha wow. thank you so much for correcting us silly americans into the correct pronounciation!! I had no idea, myself! I wonder where the zhing came from that we seem to all do, instead of the jing. Now i feel so much better KNOWING the truth! thank you!

Victoria T. said...

thank you so much for correcting us silly americans with our messed up pronounciation. I had no idea!! I feel so much better knowing the truth!!! thank you! Now I must pass the truth on to those I know who mess it up as well! haha.

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