Unacceptable, Apple

I've been having trouble with the speakers on my MacBook for several months now. It comes and goes, but the speakers don't work and a red LED light shines from the headphone jack. System Preferences show that it's set to "Digital Out" instead of "Internal Speakers." Well yes, I know that, how do I fix it? My usual cure-all (restarting) doesn't work.

I haven't encountered the problem in maybe a month or so and started to forget about it until it happened again today. The last thing I like to do with my time is wait on hold for hours on end for tech support, so I turned to techy forums for some solutions. It seems like it's a common problem with a strange solution: people say to stick something inside the headphone jack and wiggle it around until the speakers start playing again. Suggested items include paper clips, the rubber-ended tip of a bobby pin, a pin, a match. They were right, it works.

But if I shell out the cash for a piece of less-than-a-year-old expensive Apple technology, should I have to wiggle a foreign object around in my computer just to listen to some music? I say it's an unacceptable fix and you'd better believe I'll be cashing in on my "AppleCare Protection Plan."

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