08-09 ERAP training weekend

The training weekend in Ohio at Cedarville University went well. The new people are great and it's going to be a fun year. Among other things, we talked about differences between American and Chinese cultures, began to study the language, and participated in teaching workshops. Training benefits the new teachers the most, but it's also a good review for the veterans, as well. We spent a lot of time in the classroom, but also made room for some water balloon volleyball on the tennis courts.

Here are new teachers this year, but they're not all in the picture above:

Kate Talbott
Micah Chambers
Jessica Whitehair
Colleen Derry
Josh Knilans
Tim Neetz
Greg Briggs
Olivia Dolph
Andrew Staab
Michelle Vanden Berg
Cherie Tryon
David Skillings
Laura Robison
Ann Foley
Caleb McCollim
Tim, Ginger, baby Macaiah Sietman
Jacinda Gillette
Liz Korkosz
Karisa Millington
Christine Schindette
Viki Kooiman
James McClenahan
Micah Martin

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