The story of Cupid

A homework assignment was to summarize a Greek god and then retell the story in a modern way. The student wrote about a Roman god instead, but it's really cute. [Names and slight details changed.]

Cupid, the boy god of love, often played with his bow and arrows everywhere. One day, Apollo saw him and laughed at home. Deeply offended by Apollo's insulting words, he shot Apollo with a golden arrow through his heart, causing him to fall madly in love with Daphne. Then he shot Daphne with a leaden one, making her hate all suitors. Apollo couldn't hide his passion to Daphne and asked for love from her, but he received cold reject. At last, Daphne was changed into a laurel tree and Apollo was very sad.

A private story of _____
On September 7, 2004, the first day Joe spent in Ren Da Fu Zhong, Cupid also happened to wander in the school. He saw the clumsy Joe who was curious to anything in the new place for him, so he decided to play a joke on him. He shot Joe with a golden arrow which soon made him crazy. At exactly that time, he came to see a girl, who won the first prize in a math competition a year before while Joe won the second, so he became crazy on her since then.

However, our clever Cupid had already shot a leaden arrow through the girl's heart. No matter what Joe did for her, she didn't show any interest in Joe. Joe became annoyed, so he began to seize every possible chance to argue with her. Once during a snowball fight, Joe shot her so hard that her glasses were broken. After that in a geography class, Joe told all his group to score her zero so as to make her get the lowest score in their class. The girl cried sadly for days because of what Joe did. Then the girl told Joe "I dislike you" with anger, while Cupid saw all of these with a smile in a corner.

Then both of the classmates got bored. They didn't talk to each other for nearly half a year, until Cupid didn't want to see these any longer. He decided to end up this argument, so he at last shot another golden arrow to the girl in 2006. That summer when Joe's friends suggested him inviting the girl to go hiking, he even didn't think that she could agree. They had fun in the mountains and the girl talked a lot with Joe. Joe apologized to the girl for his bad behavior before and the girl forgave him with a sweet smile. Since then they treat each other more and more friendly.

A month before graduation from junior school, Joe got a chance of sitting beside her, and they began to know more about each other. The girl came to know the loneliness deep in Joe's heart and Joe came to know the sadness deep in the girl's heart. They shared their feelings about life and the world. Cupid was at last moved by the couple so he decided not to play jokes to others forever.

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