Once it was lost, and now it is found

Two people on our team had their bikes stolen four times each this year, but my Giant is still in my possession. My expensive Kroptonite Kryptolok U bike lock served me well for ten months... until the key broke in half and I couldn't find the spare key. I put it on a shelf for the past few months hoping I could get another key made or bring it back to America and somehow get another key. So today when we were cleaning out our apartment of all the stuff we've accumulated and adding to the "free pile" for the new people in August, I came across the bike lock. I decided that it was silly to hang on to it when it was just taking up space, so I threw it out. On top of the lock, I emptied our bathroom trash, kitchen trash, and many other people threw their stuff away.

Later on, Anna found a key when she was cleaning out her desk drawer. She's like "hey, I wonder..." I had the same thought, but the lock was lying under lots of nasty garbage. Anna suggested yellow cleaning gloves and I pulled them on, starting to sort through the big community trashcan. And behold! the key that was lost was found and I no longer need to lug another expensive and heavy lock back to China.

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