"It's a beautiful day..." - U2

The sun rises at 4:47am, the weather is getting steadily warmer, we are swatting mosquitoes right and left, June is here. And with it, the school year is drawing to a close. My last day of class is June 20, and I leave for the States on July 1.

We had a photo scavenger hunt the other week. Pictures are here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2044021&l=617bf&id=141300057

This has been a fun semester. My 10th graders this term had a higher English level, so I've enjoyed getting to know them better than the students I taught last semester. Two girls came over on Saturday afternoon and we made scones. Jojo is trying to start a hip-hop club at school and Sherry lived in Bedminster NJ for a year. Then Mark E, Andy, and I went to a student's house for dinner later on Saturday. James' father works for a government agency that controls civilian satellites. He showed us images from all over the world and talked about the role this agency plays in the earthquake disaster area. We had our usual big team meal and meeting on Sunday night and the food committee made French toast bake, eggs, scones, and cut up fresh fruits. It was a fun weekend.

In the ten days between the end of school and my return flight, I'm trying to decide where to travel to. The three choices are 1) Changbai Mountains, 2) Guilin, 3) Lhasa, Tibet. Anna and I also have to pack up our apartment and put all of our things in storage while we're away this summer since the school uses our apartments for international students and visitors. It's sure to be a busy month with grading several hundred papers/exams, moving, and traveling!

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