Just kidding

April Fool's Day: "A notable day marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, enemies and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible."

The foreign teachers are taking advantage of this unofficial holiday! Loren will be inviting his students to witness his marriage to a Chinese colleague on Saturday, Melanie is giving her kids a fake exam instead of a promised movie, Anna went to class wearing a wedding band, and I will be having some exam fun with my two classes this afternoon.

We're having a real exam today over historiography, early civilizations, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire, but the top of the exam reads "Read all of the directions before you begin your exam." If they follow directions, they'll find this message at the bottom of the fourth page: "If you followed my directions and read the entire exam before writing on the test, you have a choice. You may bring Miss Hull your unfinished exam and accept a grade of 88% or you may choose to take the exam in hopes of a better grade. Happy April Fool's Day! :-)"

Can you pass my 10th grade history exam?

Which Roman emperor built many roads?

Which Greek discovered the famous triangle formula?

Which civilization developed along the Indus River?

Discuss the changes Constantine brought to the Roman Empire.

Which is a more ideal government: Sparta or Athens? Why?

In other news, the weather has reverted back to winter and we've been wishing the radiators were still on. There is a heat line in China - if you live above it, you have heat. If you don't, buy lots of blankets and long underwear! The government turns everyone's heat on around November 15 and it goes off around March 15, no matter how hot or cold it might be. Brrr! Beijing also had a sand storm last week!

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