Dr. Dixon weekend

Dr. Dixon was the President of Cedarville University for twenty-five years before Dr. Brown took over in 2003. He's still involved with CU as the Chancellor of the University. Dr. and Mrs. Dixon are touring China with a group of people from their home in Naples, Florida and invited all thirty-three of us ERAPers to dine with them at the China World Trade Center on Saturday night. This was the nicest place I've set foot in in China, and also the ritziest hotel and restaurant I've ever been in. It was definitely a change in surroundings from what I've been used to in the last eight months! It was a fun night of good food, fancy clothes, and interesting people. For several hours I forgot I was in China.

A couple sitting across from me wasn't shy in sharing that they make more money in investments each month than he earns as a tenured finance professor at UCLA all year. Most of Dr. Dixon's guests were extremely well-off and their impressions of China were interesting. My guess is that most of the tourists in Beijing for the Olympics will have similar impressions of China after staying in a 5-star hotel, eating Westernized Chinese food, and shopping in Chaoyang District (which has most of the foreigners). In any case, we all shared the same beliefs in one who is greater than us and it was a nice evening. I even got to network a little bit and met the head of HR at U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh.

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