The details are coming in! I will be teaching Senior 1 History twice a week for a total of eight hours, Junior 1 Oral English once a week for six hours, and Junior 1 Experimental English twice a week for two hours. This comes to a teaching load of sixteen hours per week.

Now, you're probably wondering what exactly this means and what these classes am I! :) Joel is the team leader at RenDaFuZhong and he says that he's sure that we all have a million questions about the classes we're teaching and they will all be answered at training starting on July 19. This is taking place at Cedarville University in Ohio.

Would you join with me in remembering several things?

1) Beseech the throne on behalf of the RenDaFuZhong principal as she continues negotiating with Chinese government officials to allow the ERAP program to continue. As Joel has stressed, this is not something to cause a panic, but a process that needs to be lifted up.

2) That I would enter both training and China personally right with father, throwing off everything that hinders and things that so easily entangle. That I would be preparing my heart and seeking him first.

3) That the pesky ear problems I've had for most of my life would not be troublesome right now, and over the next year. Right now I am very uncomfortable.

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